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The best way to prevent roof leaks is to get more education of what causes a roof leak.  The best way to get roof leak repairs in Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, NC, is to call Chief Roofing. Let’s first go over how to prevent the need for roof leak repairs.

Many homeowners don’t realize they have problems until they see that dreaded stain on the ceiling.  By then, major damage may have already occurred.


                                                  Roof Repairs and Prevention

roof leak repairsThe number one method to prevent roof leaks is keeping your roof clean and healthy.  Just doing this will go a long way to preventing the need for roof leak repairs.  You should have regular cleanings for both the roof and gutters.  We suggest every season.  Gutter guards help keep the gutters clear, but even they need cleaning on occasion.  You should have your roof inspected by a professional roofer every 3 to 4 years.  Whenever there is a hail storm or high winds in your area, you should have your roof inspected immediately after.  Roof inspection can make roof leak repairs unnecessary.

Where Are Roof Repairs Needed the Most

Pipe Boots:  Our number one call for roof leak repairs is for leaks in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.  These roof leaks are usually coming from the plumbing pipes.  The corrosion or deterioration of the pipe flashing allows water to seep through into the interior.  When a new roof is installed, new pipe boots should be installed as well.  Pipe boots deteriorate with age and should be replaced with each roof replacement.

flashingFlashing:  The metal strips that create a barrier between the roof and transitions and/or penetrations such as the walls, skylights, or chimneys are called flashing.  Roof leak repairs can be necessary when flashing become corroded or cracked, or the flashing is just missing altogether.

The sealant can also deteriorate.  This allows water to seep under shingles.  Flashing should be at all penetrations, dormers, valleys, and anywhere 2 roof planes meet.  Chief Roofing includes installation of new 26 gauge flashing around skylights and chimneys in our estimates for new roofs.  No penetrations should have exposed nails or caulk.  At Chief Roofing we use governmental installation for all penetrations.  We use hidden fasteners.  Chief Roofing does not use nails.  Nails can back out and cause leaks.  Help prevent the need for roof leak repairs and make sure your roofer does not use exposed nails for penetrations.

Chimney:  Improper flashing can allow water to leak down beside the chimney.  Brick chimneys should have step and counter flashing installed.  If the chimney is anywhere but at the peak of the roof, there should be a cricket (triangle tent) on the high side where the stack meets the roof.  Without it, water pools at the base of the chimney.  Leaks inside the chimney are usually related to the chimney cap.  Chief Roofing fabricates and installs new caps which helps reduce the need for roof leak repairs.

roof leak repairs and roof deckingRoof Decking:  When Chief Roofing puts on a new roof, we always remove the existing roof system down to the wood decking underneath.  Anytime a roof is installed, the decking needs to be inspected for loose sheathing nails, rotten wood, and most importantly, dry rotted wood.  Nails will not hold in a substandard sheathing.  They will back out and can cause leaks no matter how new the shingles are.  If the decking is worn out, it will not look or perform correctly no matter how new the shingles are.  Some roof leak repairs could be prevented simply by replacing damaged decking during a new roof installation.

Shingles: Wind, hail, freezing temperatures, and walking on the roof can damage your shingles.  Shingles can exhibit cracking, curling, breaks, peeling, warping, or disintegration.  Shingles can also be loose or just missing.  If you notice any of these, you should have a professional roofer examine your roof for potential leaks.  Repairing or replacing a few shingles today could prevent the need for roof leak repairs later.

Hail Damage:  Hail can create a bruise that can crack the underlying membrane and shingles to allow water to seep into your home.  You may not notice a leak immediately after a storm, but it will show up over time.  Chief Roofing has trained and experienced professionals to determine the extent of hail and storm damage to roofs.

Do You Need a Roof Repair?

You notice a leak.  Can it be repaired?  You need to take action immediately.  The longer you wait the more damage could be done and the more it could cost to repair.  Chief Roofing will do an inspection and locate the leak.  We will give you a free estimate and many times, repair the leak in the same visit once approved.

A roof leak does not necessarily mean you need a new roof.  Sometimes when you need roof leak repairs, you just need to fix the roof and not replace the roof.  You should always get an assessment by a professional roofer.  Some leaks may be fixed for little money compared to the cost of a new roof.  Roof leak repairs done well can add years to the life of your roof.  Most small roof leak repairs range from $275 to $875 in cost.

When you need roof leak repairs done by a licensed professional roofer, call Chief Roofing; we’ve got you covered.

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