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Residential roofing keeps Chief Roofing busy in Raleigh, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Durham, and local communities in the Triangle and Piedmont.  Chief Roofing offers professional, residential roofing services which include:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roofing Installation
  • Gutter Replacement
  • Roof leak Repair
  • Roof Damage Repair

residential roofingYour home is in the best hands for a new roof or repairs with Chief Roofing. With over 29 years of experience and delighted customers, our service will show you why we say “your home is our home”. We are known for our attention to detail and not cutting corners like some other roofing companies. We know and understand that using inferior materials, improper installations and inexperienced workers for residential roofing will cost you more money and lead to repairs again in a much shorter period of time.

While it may be true you can get another company to “do it cheaper,” we believe protecting your largest asset is not the place to cut corners. Thousands of customers have thanked us for this stringent code of ethics and quality workmanship we are now famous for in North Carolina. It’s true our work does speak for itself. It’s probably why we have been voted “best of ” roofer several years in a local readers poll and have a A+ plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. residential-homeIf you are in need of residential roofing, we are glad to furnish a list of satisfied customers who will be more than happy to share their experiences with Chief Roofing Inc.
Our residential roofing repairs and leak detection services are second to none in the Triangle and Piedmont areas. We will evaluate your property needs then provide you with a detailed proposal offering a wide range of options working within your budget. Our customers have come to appreciate our honest, accurate estimates that don’t include any hidden costs or unexplained fees.

We make sure that you understand any and all work being done and present your options in a clear, easy to understand manner so you are confident in choosing us as your roofer.

We work with a variety of roof types which include asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, metal and a wide range of shingle styles. We understand the importance of choosing quality residential roofing that will last a long time but also blend with the rest of your home to help it look its best. If you have any questions about roofing systems or the different types of roofing materials, we are happy to provide you with detailed answers.

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Roofing Systems: Warranties

Warranties: When purchasing a new roof or having repairs done to your existing roof, there will be two warranties to consider. First, there will be a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers defects in manufacturing of the materials used.  What materials, finishes, and length of coverage will vary depending on which of the roofing systems you choose.   Shingle warranties range from 20 years to as long as you own your home.  Much like when you buy a car and the dealer provides paperwork for your warranty, the contractor should provide a certificate for your records.Second, the contractor will provide you with a warranty covering his team’s craftsmanship. This typically covers issues related to installation. Make sure that the warranty specifies precisely what is covered and what will cause the warranty to be voided. Although there is no industry standard, most contractors offer one or two years of coverage.

  • Hire a Licensed, Insured Contractor: It’s very important to insist on working with a professional roofing contractor. Don’t be shy! Don’t hesitate to ask any contractor to provide proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Working with a licensed, insured professional can mean the difference between getting a quality roof that lasts for 25 years or longer and being slapped with a lawsuit because a piece of your incorrectly installed roof flew off and injured a neighbor.

In addition, a professional contractor will happily inspect your roof and provide an estimate for services. Get several bids and compare them before making a final decision. Remember also that it’s smart to maintain a healthy skepticism when it comes to the lowest bid. The old adage holds true: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Price is only one consideration among others such as professionalism, experience, and evidence of quality workmanship.

When you are ready to replace that roof, make sure that you have done your homework. Find a friendly, professional contractor who has your best interest in mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re here to help you understand your roofing system so you can make an informed decision. Contact us today!