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roof leak repair problems chapel hillMany people don’t realize the true signs that indicate they have a roof leak problem, and therefore, are in need of roof leak repair or replacement.  Some people think when they see the discoloration on their roof they have a roof leak problem.  However, that is actually a sign of defective material.  But, if you have water dripping on your head, you are absolutely in need of roof leak repair or replacement.   To learn more about roof leaks and roof leak repair, continue reading this article.  These tips may be helpful when dealing with a roof leak.


When it’s time to repair a leaking roof or replace your old rooftop, you can rely on a great roofing contractor to repair any damage of defects in a roof or install an attractive new metal or shingle rooftop (the 2 most popular roofing materials in North Carolina) that will protect your home for 15 – 30 years average.  In Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Mebane, Apex, and other cities in North Carolina, Chief Roofing, Inc. is your best choice for a roofing contractor to handle all of your roofing needs, repairs or replacements.  You can reach Chief Roofing, Inc. at 919-732-5028.


How To Prevent Roof Leak Repair Demand in Chapel Hill, NC?


roof replacement chapel hill ncRoof replacement is usually the best way to prevent the need for roof leak repair.  That is, unless the cause of the roof leak comes from damage rather than wear.  Damage from a storm or trees could happen at any time and does not necessarily indicate you need a new roof, but roof repair.  Our roofing contractors have been dealing with clients’ roofing needs in Chapel Hill and other areas of North Carolina for many years. Generally speaking, the life of a rooftop is around 20 years. To decide if you require another rooftop, here are some common signs that could indicate a possible requirement for roof replacement:


  • Wilting roof deck
  • Leaking roof
  • Buildup of excess surface particles in gutters or drain pipes
  • Signs of significant water damage
  • Dark spots on ceilings
  • Algae growth
  • Light coming through the roof from outside
  • Bald, cracked, or curling shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Collapsing in more than one location
  • Termites
  • Flawed Flashing
  • Damaged Soffits
  • Moisture


Any of the above could indicate it is time for a roof replacement.


roof leak repair raleighHow to fix a leaking roof from the inside?

Here are the steps to fix a leaking roof from the inside.

  1. Shine flashlight on the underside of the roof to find holes or areas that are darkened from being wet.
  2. Mark these areas with chalk so they are easy to find later.
  3. Use a putty knife to apply roof patch liberally to the leaky or wet area.
  4. Use a caulking gun to apply caulk to seal any holes in the roof. You can use a putty knife to smooth the caulk over the area.
  5. Divert the water by inserting a nail where the water is leaking through the roof. The nail will give the water a path to travel.
  6. Place a bucket underneath the nail to catch the water dripping from the nail.
  7. Patch the hole as soon as it becomes dry enough to apply caulk.


roof leak repair durhamHow long will my roof last if I have to replace it?

Roofing systems differ in life spans, which are determined by a variety of factors. Serious weather damage, for instance, can essentially affect the life of your rooftop. Under the correct conditions, a roofing system done by professional roofing contractors can protect your home for a very long time.   If your rooftop was done poorly, it might need to be replaced within 5 years even though the roof material is graded to last much longer.  This is why it is so important to hire a dependable roofing contractor.  You don’t want to pay for a 50 year roof and need a roof replacement in 5 years simply because it was not installed properly.  In Chapel Hill or surrounding cites, call Chief Roofing, Inc. for roof repair or roof installations and you can be sure you’ll be happy with our service.



Benefits of hiring a Specialist for Roof Leak Repair


roof leak repair triangle ncHere are a few reasons why you should hire a professional roofer to handle all of your roofing needs:

  1. Safety-Mishaps due to roof repairs are very common. The roof repair specialist invests in safety gear and take precautions while doing their job. Also they have the essential training and certifications. So they are more qualified to work on your rooftop.
  2. All of our roofing contractors are licensed and insured.
  3. Cost Effective-As shocking as it might sound, hiring a professional to repair your roof works out to be very practical financially.
    1. One of the main reasons is that that they can get the roofing materials at a lower price.
    2. They have all the right materials and systems to work on rooftops.
    3. You will not have to hire another roofer to come out to fix problems.
    4. Your insurance will not go up because of accidents or injuries to you, others, or your property.


roof leak repair chief roofingRoof Leak Repair – Chapel Hill – Raleigh – Durham


Throughout the year Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh are inclined to experience sporadic electrical storms that can cause devastation on your rooftop. Little leaks can escalate, leading to damage, inside leaks, electrical issues, expensive damage to furniture and even mold. While many home repairs can wait, a cracked rooftop can’t, particularly during the rainy seasons!

When you need roof leak repair, Chief Roofing, Inc. can quickly complete your repairs with quality, reliable materials and service.


Regardless of whether you need a remodel, a roof install or replacement, or a roof leak repair, pick a company that is focused on your satisfaction and has the certified professionals to make sure you are getting the best service possible.   Call Chief Roofing, Inc. today at 919-732-5028.




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