Metal Roofing

At Chief Roofing we strive to offer our customers quality products and a variety of products to fit their needs and wants. Looking for something other than asphalt roofing? Metal roofing has become more prominent in new roof installations.

More customers in Raleigh and Hillsborough, NC are beginning to consider the benefits that come with metal roofing compared to asphalt. Take a look at the benefits of metal roofing to see if they might be the better option for you!

Life Expectancy

Metal roofs have a higher life expectancy ranging from 20-50 years due to its sturdiness.

Quick & Easy Installation

Due to the lightweight of metal, installing metal roofs can be done quicker by roofing contractors


Metal roofing is the most fire-resistant type of roof

Heat Conduction

Metal reflects heat from the sun, helping to save energy costs

Maximum Shedding

The hard-dark surfaces optimize ridding of snow and rain quicker

Talk to Chief About Metal Roofing

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