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Why should you hire a Raleigh roofing contractor?  raleigh roofing contractor roof collapseThe boards come crashing down around you, narrowly missing your head. You’re surrounded by a din of flying nails, creaking boards, and wood slamming to the ground. As you dodge the debris you ask yourself, “How did I get myself into this mess?”
In the 1948 film classic Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House, the debonair yet dupable Jim Blandings, played by the dashing Cary Grant, finds himself in this exact situation. It all started with a well-intentioned construction worker asking him:

“On those second floor lintels between the lally columns do you want we should rabbet them or not?”

Mr. Blandings pauses and with a long sideways glance tells the foreman “Um. No. No. I guess not.” It’s clear to the audience that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s asking the worker but he’s trying to maintain control of a situation where he feels ill-informed.

And with those six little words, he finds himself in the middle of the chaotic scene we described above. Adding to the humor, the clueless Mr. Blandings leans over and tells his wife, “It sounded less expensive to say no.”

How to Hire a Raleigh Roofing Contractor?

raleigh roofing contractorIsn’t that how it feels to be a homeowner sometimes? You’re trying your best to make the right decisions that will both deliver the home of your dreams while saving yourself from unnecessary expenses. Then one day you need a major repair– a new roof– and you realize that to keep your home in top shape without breaking the bank you need to learn a completely new jargon and be an expert craftsman just to navigate the challenges. That is, unless you follow the one simple headache saving tip for homeowners: Save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of confusion by hiring a Raleigh roofing contractor you can trust like Chief Roofing, Inc.

By hiring a roofing company you can trust, you’ll be able to save yourself the time and stress of making decisions that should be left to trustworthy professionals.

Wondering How You Avoid the Blanding’s Blunders for your next roofing project? Follow these helpful tips for finding the best Raleigh roofing and repair company in town:

  • Professionals Only, Please
    You don’t want any old guy with a hammer and a few buddies fixing your roof for you. You want a team of folks who have an established reputation and who are up to date on the latest training and materials. Your roof is one of the most important home improvements you’ll make. Choose poorly and you’ll end up with leaks, mold, electrical wiring exposed to water, higher utility bills, a compromised structure, and a lot more workers fixing the problems caused by poor craftsmanship. By hiring professionals who are experienced in the industry, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches.  To be sure you are hiring professional roofers, you can check out Raleigh roofing contractor reviews online.
  • raleigh roofing contractor familyWatch Out For Shady Characters
    When it’s time to fix your roof you want the Raleigh roofing contractor that other roofers would go to for help.  Often roofing companies from Cary, NC and even Wake Forest, NC might reach out to Chief Roofing for some type of assistance.A solid company will have several reliable references from past work they’ve done. Ask a potential company if they’d be willing to share some of their local clients and take the time to talk with them and see their work. Ask previous clients if they completed the job on time and in budget. Did they have any problems? Were their workers reliable? If there were issues with the workmanship, how easily and quickly did they fix the issue? The more positive references you can get the better. You want to be sure your roofer is there for you when things go smoothly and when there are unexpected hiccups. A company with a solid reputation should have a number of happy clients you can talk with.
  • Bid Farewell To Low Ballers
    Our last tip is to prevent the Blandings Blunder of choosing an option you think will be less expensive, but ends up costing you more. While we all want work done at an affordable price, the one thing you can’t afford is a quote that doesn’t include everything you need. That’s why it’s important to make sure you get a detailed bid that you clearly understand before you sign a contract.
    A good contractor will explain who, what, where, and how much. They’ll give you information about licensing and insurance. You’ll find out information about the cost of labor, materials, permits, and debris cleanup. They’ll also include information about the types of materials they’ll be using including any underlayment, flashing, and types of shingles. Finally the contract itself will contain this information plus clear payment terms, provisions for add-ons, and a termination clause. If you don’t see this level of detail, a good, professional roofer will not mind answering any questions you have.

raleigh nc skylineEven if you are looking for commercial roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, you should still heed the above advice.

A Raleigh Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

You don’t need to know your lallies from your lintels when you’re hiring a roofer, but you do need to make sure you are working with someone who stands behind their work and who you can trust. A professional Raleigh roofing contractor will have developed a solid reputation from years of experience. And when you’ve found one who takes the time to make sure you understand everything that will go into the project before you sign a contract, you’ll know that you’ve hired the right roofer for your project. Make sure that your dream home is protected by hiring a roofer whose work will weather the storms and stand the test of time.  Hire Chief Roofing, Inc.

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