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Roofing Durham NC: 5 Roof Maintenance Tips

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durham roofingWinter is coming and we’re not talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. We’re talking about Old Man Winter with his brutal crew of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. The passing of the Autumn equinox last week marks the official downward slope toward the worst season for your metal or asphalt roof.

So what are the top priorities for savvy homeowners who are looking to do some preventive roof maintenance this fall to prolong the life of their roofs?

Roofing Durham NC:  Tips From the Experts

Here are our best tips from the Durham roofing experts at Chief Roofing for protecting one of your home’s most expensive features, your roof:

  1. Dust off that chainsaw.

Okay well, only if you know how to use it. We want to avoid a trip to the emergency room! Unless you are an experienced chainsaw operator, hire a landscape team that specializes in tree trimming and removal to trim back those branches hanging over your roof. As the leaves begin to fall, it will be easy to spot dead branches that could end up on your roof. Make sure you get those trimmed back now before they become an extra expensive problem later on.

Also, keep in mind that we aren’t out of the woods just yet with hurricane season. The wind and heavy rain could arrive in the Durham area any time. Prevention is key when it comes to removing dead branches that could damage your roof. So, take the time to examine your trees for any weak branches in need of cleanup, while the weather is pleasant.

  1. Clean out those gutters.

roofing durham nc gutter cleaningNo one loves to spend the weekend on the roof cleaning out gutters. We know. We’d rather be watching football too. But procrastinating on this task is another sure fire way to end up needing roof replacements. If you start to notice dead leaves, small twigs, and other debris hanging out of your gutters, get out the ladder and get it done ASAP.

Contrary to what you might think, roofing contractors don’t install gutters on roofs because we like the way they look. Gutters are actually essential to proper drainage and poor drainage leads to pools of water where bacteria can collect. High concentrations of bacteria mean mold, cracks, and other types of roof damage. This is especially problematic for roofs with asphalt shingles because if the shingles are improperly installed, water can leak through the cracks and pool under the surface. Cleaning out the gutters is another key preventative measure.

  1. Consider gutter guards.

Gutter guards are another great solution to the above problem. Forget about cleaning out the gutters and install gutter guards instead. Gutter guards are simple caps that cover your gutters keeping out leaves and debris. Water still flows easily through, while all the other junk stays dry and blows off of your roof. Local roofing companies can affordably install gutter guards on almost any type of gutter. Really want to maximize your football viewing time this fall? Let’s talk about what type of gutter guard is best for your home. We’re here to help!

  1. Let the Experts Do a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection.

Every smart car owner takes his or her car in for regular maintenance, so why wouldn’t you also have your roof regularly inspected to catch any issues before they become expensive fixes? Many Durham region roofing companies offer free or low-cost roof inspections. In fact, an annual roof inspection should be part of your regular residential roofing home maintenance routine.

metal roofing durham ncAgain, while you could climb up on your roof or use binoculars to check for curling, cracked, or loose asphalt shingles, hiring a Durham roofing and sheet metal expert is easy and will allow you to rest assured knowing that your home is ready for winter. Besides issues with shingles, your roof inspector will check for cracks in flashing, as well as damaged seals around chimneys, vents, and skylights.

If you own a commercial building, a pre-winter inspection is absolutely essential for keeping your tenants satisfied and ensuring that you don’t lose business this winter due to a leaky roof or emergency repairs. Experienced commercial roofing contractors understand how to inspect around HVAC systems and will even check inside behind drop ceilings and other appliances that could be concealing serious roof problems in need of repair.  Both asphalt and metal roofs each can have specific issues.  An expert will know what to look for.

  1. Inspect and Properly Insulate Your Attic.

Besides hiring a roofing professional to inspect your home’s roof, it’s also a good idea to inspect your attic each year before the cold settles in. Rainy days are good days to inspect for leaks. But even if it’s a beautiful fall day, you can look for the telltale signs of leaks: mold stains, around vents, joints, and seams, warped wood, and stained insulation.

roofer durham
Construction of asphalt shingles on a roof of wood

Leak or no leak, ask your roof inspector to check ventilation, insulation, and moisture levels to suggest appropriate steps to take to remedy any problems before the cold weather sets in. A poorly ventilated or insulated attic is one of the biggest culprits in needed winter weather roof repairs. Without proper warm air circulation in your attic, ice dams can form on your roof. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms on the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off of the roof. Backed up water can leak into your home, down the walls, and cause costly interior damage.

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