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commercial roofing companyAre you a business owner needing commercial roofing repair services? In RTP choose a commercial roofing company who has years of experience offering a wide variety of services for commercial roofing.  Choose Chief Roofing, Inc.  We treat every home as if it was our own.

As a business owner of a commercial property, it is your responsibility to ensure your building is in good condition and that begins with your roof. In the event your rooftop isn’t holding up as it should, you’ll need to contact a Chapel Hill, Raleigh, or Durham roofing company. We gladly offer a variety of commercial roofing services including roof repair, new roof installation, and more.

Whether you are searching for an estimate on roof repair services in Durham, or a new roof installation for your building, hire one of our roofing contractors in Durham, Chapel Hill, or Raleigh, NC. We offer many commercial roofing services in the area including roof installs.  Here are some of the more common roof types in RTP:

  • Asphalt roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • slate and tile
  • flat roofs
  • other synthetic roofs

Our local roofing repair contractors consistently research new technologies and techniques to guarantee we’re giving the most ideal service and solutions for any business of any size. Our local roof repair contractors are the only ones for the job.  Regardless of whether you need a roof leak repair, an emergency roof repair, or a new roof install, contact us, the best, local roofing contractor to solve your commercial roofing issues.


What You Need to Know About A Commercial Roofing Company

durham commercial roofing companyA rooftop is comprised of many parts which work together to guarantee a weather tight roofing system. Generally, these roofing parts wear out before the roof membrane, which could result in a compromised roofing system. This might be from installation, weather, or lack of regular upkeep. A commercial roofing company in the Triangle area can evaluate your building’s rooftop and recommend repair ideas to expand the life of your roofing system. This may include new flashings, re-fixing uncovered latches, or replacing coping caps. Repairing your roof could extend its life for a significant period of time. Listed below are other common problems:


  • Weather-Rooftops fall apart with exposure to changing weather and climate conditions. Quick changes in surrounding temperatures can damage the roofing system. A mix of icy climate and rain can essentially cool the surface of the rooftop making it weak and more vulnerable to holes and tears.
  • Mechanical Equipment– The most important part of a rooftop is known as the membrane. If the membrane decays, it can often be caused by mechanical equipment found on the roof. Release from HVAC units and oil fans can be extremely damaging to a roofing system. Rooftop HVAC units that are incorrectly cleaned can result in membrane deterioration from coil cleanser, algaecides, and fungicides.
  • Ponding- Ponding is viewed as an issue when water does not drain off the rooftop within 48-hours following a rain shower. Eventually, ponding can prompt supplementary harm or potential creases since standing water is extremely heavy. In cold climates, confined water can make weight on the roofing system as it extends and contracts from changing temperatures. Furthermore, ponding water can start plant or vegetation development.
  • Punctures– Punctures consider water imposition into the rooftop system and is a main source of rooftop leaks. Punctures are caused by a variety of issues including broken blisters, latches pulling out the substrate, hail, blown garbage, pedestrian activity, or dropped tools/devices.
  • Debris-Debris can be obstructing to the roofing system. Debris may obstruct rooftop drains leading to unsuitable drainage and long-lasting ponding issues. Certain kinds of debris can cut the roofing system leaving the rooftop vulnerable to water invasion and holes. In certain situations debris may lead to mold growth and also to the settling of animals.

Commercial Roofing Company for Roof Repair

chapel hill commercial roofing companyMany businesses are hesitant to do what needs to be done with regards to commercial roofing repair.  However, maintenance and evaluations from qualified a qualified roofing company can have a huge effect. The more you delay, the greater the chances that potential issues will increase. For example, the damage from a little, hard- to-spot leak will be very insignificant compared to the extensive roofing damages that may emerge in the event that you let this small roof leak go unchecked. Try not to let anything slide with regards to business roofing repair. Damages can quickly end up being extensive; the cost and burden of replacing a damaged rooftop will have you longing for the days of a small, contained leak.

Hire an Experienced Commercial Roofing Company

A good commercial roofing company will realize that the last thing a business owner wants to deal with is commercial property maintenance. In any case, it must be addressed. That is the reason Chief Roofing, Inc. provides cost effective evaluation and maintenance which helps keep your repairs to a minimum.  As certified roofing contractors Chief Roofing stays educated on changing codes that affect your building. While there are various approaches to extend the life of your rooftop, in the long run, repairing is usually the most reasonable choice. Your local roofing company in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh, NC (Chief Roofing) are experts that can provide you with information to meet your goals.  Call Chief Roofing at 919-732-5028.





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