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Emergency Roof Repair For Raleigh & Carrboro, NC

If you live in an area that is at a constant threat of rain, storms and snows, it’s good to be prepared beforehand. Although a 24-hour emergency roof repair is not a permanent solution to your roofing problem, it can ensure no further damage is done until permanent repairs can be done. 

What Calls for an Emergency Roof Repair? 

There’s a good chance that you might need an emergency roof repair when a bad rainstorm or wind hits your town. These storms might cause entire trees to fall on your roof. While a storm might be the number one reason behind an emergency call for a roofing contractor, sometimes your roof might be damaged unexpectedly even when the sky is clear and blue.  

Some other reasons that could prompt emergency repairs include poor roofing materials used, clumsy installation of a new roof, or an aged roof collapsing suddenly. 

Methods of Professional Repair 

The number one priority of a roofing contractor during a storm will be to take care of the leaks and plug any holes or cracks. The most common practice for preventing leaks contractors use is covering the cracks and blisters by a tarp. The tarp can hold out for a few weeks to months depending upon how well it is used; however, it’s not a permanent remedy. You will need to replace the tarp with proper, permanent roof repairs once the harsh weathers have passed. 

Some companies will also use a flat roof repair mid-storm. This process involves using a special sealing compound for an emergency roof patch. The emergency flat roof doesn’t last a long time and just like a tarp, needs to be replaced with a permanent solution as soon as possible. 

Emergency Roof Repair Cost 

The pricing system of emergency roof repairs depends upon several different factors. The extent of damage, the time invested, materials used in repair and installation, and pre and post-repair inspection can all determine the price of the emergency roof repair. 

When your roof is in turmoil, you might not have time to conduct a thorough research of the roofing contractor you hire for your emergency repairs. Emergency roof repair scams are pretty common and you need to keep an eye out for them. These companies suddenly become active during a storm, charge you a lot less than normal roofing repair rates, and in the end leave your roof with faulty repairs that can damage it even more. 

Make sure you’re dealing with an experienced roofing contractor for your emergency roof repair to avoid any unforeseen damages to your roof. 

Emergency Roof Repair 101 for Home Owners 

Not everyone is a roof expert; that’s why professional roof contractors exist. Some basic knowledge of how to minimize further damages to your roof and, ultimately, the structure of your house is important for every homeowner (if you can find a roofing contractor around you for your roofing crisis, we suggest asking them to help you – it’s safer and much more effective). 

  1. Proceed with Caution: If you’ve started noticing roof damage or water seeping from the roof during the storm, you might be tempted to fix the leaks at once. You really don’t want to do that. Remember: during a storm, there is always the risk of getting struck by lightning or getting injured by things that are flying about. Your best bet is to wait until at least the harsh part of the storm has passed before getting up on the roof.  
  2. Inspect: Once the bad weather has subsided, you should take a thorough look and conduct a quick survey of your roof. Red flags you need to look out for are pooled water, leaks and cracks that let the water seep in. 
  3. Roof Leak Emergency – What to Do? A quick yet temporary emergency roof patch can help keep the leaks at bay and prevent water from seeping in through your ceilings. It’s important to handle the leaks using rubber sheets, tarps, or other acceptable roofing products because leaks can lead to dangerous consequences if left unattended for a long time. 

Word of caution: Getting up on the roof is tricky business. Make sure you’re well-equipped to climb the roof and that you know what you’re doing. Call for professional help as soon as possible if you’re unsure about how to proceed with your emergency roof repairs. 

Emergency Roof Repair Near Me 

Should an unexpected storm damage your roof, you must immediately take action and find a professional contractor around you. Damage left unattended could affect the structure of your house and even cause the entire roof to collapse.

Post-Storm Permanent Roofing Repairs 

Post-storm roofing damages need intervention by expert roofing contractors to find a permanent fix. Your DIY or even professional emergency roof cover-up might have protected your house for the time being but these repairs normally do not last long. A reputable roofing contractor can help make permanent repairs for your roof.  

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